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Chapter 6 - Chakras


Chakras are whirlpools of energy, positioned over certain anatomical
centres (plexes) of the physical body. It is not possible to pinpoint them
anatomically. According to ancient Indian explanations, it is trough the
Chakras that vital energy is drawn into and channeled through the body.
Stimulation of the Chakras through meditation creates a feeling of healing
and balancing, beneficial to both mental and physical health. Crystals of
specific colours, placed on specific Chakras, stimulate these processes.
The following is a compilation from publications.

7) Crown Chakra
Position:  at the top of the head
Colour:    violet
Crystal:   amethyst, sugilite, purpurite, charoite
Function:  interaction of body and mind
Qualities:  perfection of mind, body and spirit
Opening:  alleviates depression, confusion
6) Third Eye or Brow Chakra
Position:  middle of forehead
Colour:    blue
Crystal:   lapis lazuli, sodalite, azurite, celestite
Function: clear viewing and intuitive sight
Qualities: stimulates clairvoyance
Opening: clears physical vision, headache

5) Throat Chakra
Position:  at the base of the throat
Colour:    turquoise
Crystals:  turquoise
Function: represents communication
Qualities: induces calmness, serenity, purity
Opening:  improves stiffness in the neck, colds

4) Heart Chakra
Position:  at the centre of the chest
Colour:    green
Crystal:    peridot, malachite, verdite, emerald, dioptase, jade, green
              fluorite, aventurine
Function:  love, alignment of the other Chakras
Qualities: channels vital forces to entire body
Opening:  alleviates asthma, high blood pressure, heart and lung disease,
              feeling for the suffering of others

3) Solar plexus Chakra
Position:  around the Navel
Colour:    yellow
Crystal:   citrine, yellow calcite, sturmanite
Function: development of ego, will,  power
Qualities:  leading to true contentment and faith
Opening:  induces selfless behaviour

2) Lower abdomen/Sacral/Sex/Belly Chakra
Position:  below the naval
Colour:    orange
Crystal:   carnelian, crocoite, vanadinite, rutile
Function: desire, pleasure, sexuality, creativity
Qualities: calms and clears the mind
Opening: improves impotence, frigidity, uterine, bladder and kidney

1) Root/Base Chakra
Position:  at the base of the spine
Colour:    red
Crystal:   garnet, jasper, rhodochr., bloodstone
Function:  survival and grounding
Qualities:  balances and moderates behaviour
Opening:  lessens fear, anxiety, frustration

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