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Chapter 3 - Lithotherapy - complaint/illness


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Agate                           shortage of breath, losing hair                          
Agate, red moss            improving stool                                           
Agate, turritella             worms                                                    
Agate with nephrite       ringing ears                                             
Amazonite                    chronic boils, burns, eczema, pimples, fever rash,
                                  wound healing                                                  
Amber                         Basedow illness, infection of bladder, bronchitis,
                                  cold constitution, claustrophobia, fear,
                                  strengthening of the bladder, teething (babies),
                                  thyroid gland ailments       
Amethyst                     burns, drug addiction, drunkenness, pains in the
                                  back of the head, headache, migraine, perspiring
Apache tears                eye ailments, strengthening the eyes, improving
Apatite                         calcium deficiency, strengthening of the skeleton        
Aquamarine                  allergies, asthma, car sickness, sea sickness, hay
                                  fever, swollen glands, itching, preventing
                                  miscarriage, sore throat                                              
Aventurine                   eczema, itching, pimples                                 
Beryl                           brain strengthening, stomach problems                    
Carnelian                     aggression, diabetes (when you are not injecting),
                                 blood poisoning, preventing fever, hoarseness, voice           
Carnelian + nephri       low blood pressure                                       
Chalcedony                  calcium deficiency, chilblained feet or hands, losing    
                                 hair, nail biting, enhances growth of nails              
Chrysocolla                  high blood pressure, gripes                              
Chrysoprase                adaptation, spasms of the heart, preventing
Citrine                         carelessness, cheerfulness, depression,
                                 improvement of emotional life, melancholic, body
                                 odour, spiritless      
Coral, blood                 forming of bloodcells, blood disease                     
Emerald                      brain strengthening, epilepsy, increase memory           
Falcon's Eye                eye ailments                                             
Garnet                        contamination, increase of energy, fatigue, heart        
                                 complaints, palpitation of the heart, increases          
                                 perseverance, spiritless, improves zest for work         
Heliodor                      aggression, low blood pressure, heart complaints,        
                                 palpitation of the heart, stomach strengthening,         
                                strengthening of the heart and diaphragm                 
Heliodor+rock cryst     strengthens diaphragm                                    
Heliotrope                   bladder illness, bladder stones, hemorrhoids,
                                 internal varicose veins                                           
Hematite                    anemia, bladder illness, forming of bloodcells, blood    
                                disease, calf cramp, meningitis, quiet sleep, styptic    
Jade                           improvement of general condition, gall ailments,
                                pregnancy (last 3 months), abundant gastric juice
                                (stomach), stomach problems, stomach
                                strengthening, vomiting
jade+ tourmaline-quartz  ulcers                                                   
Jasper                        gall ailments, jaundice, strengthening of the liver      
Labradorite                 preventing short temperedness, stress                    
Lapis lazuli                 attack, blood cleansing, enhancing concentration,
                                inner peace, epilepsy, selfconfidence, deep sleep,
Magnesite                   improving digestion, improving stool, losing weight      
Magnetite                   bruises, facial pains, neck pains, general pain          
Malachite                    back pains, knee ailments, periodic pains, external      
                                varicose veins                                           
Malachite+magnetite   ailment of the joints, rheumatic pains                   
Malachite+rock crystal  irregular period                                         
Moonstone                  increase of affection, improvement of emotional life,    
                                increases fertility, frigidity, infertility              
Nephrite                     pains in the back of the head, kidney ailments, knee     
                                ailments, strengthening of the kidneys, bed-wetting  
Obsidian                     strengthening the eyes, improving eyesight               
Opal                           strengthening of the lungs, voice strengthening          
Peridot                       strengthen the bronchi, prevention of cancer,
                                depression, preventing illness, inspiration,
                                strengthens resistance, warts (on spot)                                          
Petrified wood             arthritis                                                
Prehnite                     weakening muscles, periodic pains                        
Pyrite                        arteriosclerosis, calf cramp                             
Rhodochrosite            inner peace                                              
Rhyolite                     ear pains, improves hearing                              
Rock crystal (quartz)  angina pectoris, back pains, dizziness, dry mouth,       
                               back strengthening, lumbago                              
Rose quartz               increase of affection, diarrhoea, frigidity, gripes      
Ruby                         preventing fever, rouse passion                          
Rutilated quartz         asthma, shortage of breath, strengthen the bronchi,      
Sapphire                   extravasation                                            
Smoky quartz            carelessness, reducing smoking, stop smoking,
Sodalite                    high blood pressure                                      
Snow quartz              car sickness, sea sickness                               
Sphalerite                 anemia, arteriosclerosis, blood cleansing, gout          
Sunstone                   back pains, back strengthening, slipped disc, cold       
                               constitution, warts                                      
Tiger's Eye                strengthening of the lungs                               
Topaz                       aggression, hemorrhoids, external varicose veins         
Topaz+rhodochrosite insomnia                                                 
Topaz, blue               increase of memory                                       
Tourmaline                upset balance, dizziness, fear, stammer                  
Tourmaline-quartz     upset balance, nail biting, nervousness, stammer,
                              wetting the bed                                                  
Tourmaline, red         enhancing concentration, rouse passion                   
Tourmaline, red+magnetite  shingles                                                 
Turquoise                  jaundice, liver ailments, strengthening of the liver,    
                               improves relationships, preventing short
Zircon                       allergies, inspiration                                   
Zoisite                      improvement of general condition, contamination,         
                               heart complaints, body odour

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